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Stella Graham


Stella Graham is a naturally funny stand-up comedian, writer & actor.
Shameless, charmingly aggressive and unladylike, she's the funniest half Sri Lankan gal from Coventry.

During Lockdown, Stella made funny workout videos, a video podcast and did online gigs! What a trip. Gigging in slippers.

​"If you're a TV executive, drop what you're doing and go see her now" - The Skinny"

Fun and original... everything a good comedian should be: self-assured, likeable and, crucially, funny" - Broadway Baby

****- Fringe Guru

“She's also got a terrifically funny way with one liners, as they subverted expectations and delivered punch lines which were squarely at your sides.” - TVNZ

"Laugh-a-minute" - Fringe Benefits, Adelaide Fringe

Stella's written for TV & radio and presented shows on TV & radio.

Stella is an experienced MC / host / compere.

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